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What do the two have in common you’re probably wondering?  Well really not much, except that we run on coffee around here to keep things rolling.  Today was special because we had the privilege of taking some photo shots at Morghan Rake […]

Sew What You Love and Love What You Sew

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What makes me excited to sew? Having a project in mind for someone special! Especially when that involves sewing for the children in my life. Right now I would have to say sewing for my grandchildren gets me really motivated to sew […]

Fall Back and Save

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It’s that time again to move your clocks back an hour this weekend! Rufflely Delightful is celebrating by giving you 15% OFF your purchases when you use the coupon code: FALLBACK15. This offer is good for the next week until November 12, 2016. So […]

The COLORS of October

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“Autumn Paints In Colors That Summer Has Never Seen”
Hello October! As we say good bye to Summer and look forward to Fall, we also anticipate the beautiful color changes that come with the season. Living in the heart of the Pocono Mountains gives me […]

Thank YOU

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I want to take a moment and thank YOU my customers for your enthusiasm and encouragement you have expressed for the KALEIDOSCOPE .  Many of you have offered suggestions as to colors and even different fabric types that help to stretch creativity and imagination. […]

SOLID Suggestions

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So I’ve been listening to your suggestions of making the KALEIDOSCOPE in solid colors. The hunt is on to find beautiful solid chiffons and I found four different ones at this time that I will be offering for sale at the HarvestFest at the Pocono […]


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I remember as a child looking through a kaleidoscope and being mesmerized by all the different colors and patterns! Well the KALEIDOSCOPE I’ll be featuring at the craft show this year also comes in assorted colors and designs and is just stunning to behold. […]

Sew A Little, Rip A Little, Rip, Rip, Rip!

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Here it is the end of July already and I’ve almost missed my opportunity to get in my monthly update!  I admit to getting sidetracked with a trip to Iowa to visit my two daughters and their husbands, along with all of my perfect […]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The FAIRest Of Them All

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We’ve all been to craft fairs and have seen the wonderful or not so wonderful things that crafters, artisans and vendors have to sell.  I’ve enjoyed attending many of these and now I am experiencing the joys and struggles of being a seller.  It […]

Just Sew Sew

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Thought I would update you on what I’ve been busy doing lately. I’ve had a ton of ideas floating through my head like those word clouds you often see in the comic strips. I’ve been in a mental quandary over where to start first. […]