We’ve all been to craft fairs and have seen the wonderful or not so wonderful things that crafters, artisans and vendors have to sell.  I’ve enjoyed attending many of these and now I am experiencing the joys and struggles of being a seller.  It definitely involves a lot of hard work, preparation, set up and take down.  The competition can be stiff so it is important to create an inviting booth that stands out in the crowd.  What will draw people to come and check out your wares is what you need to know, in essence, what will make YOU the fairest of them all?  That’s not always an easy answer to come up with unless of course you are giving away free doughnuts and have your cute new puppy with you!  And then you come up against the person who buys wholesale jewelry and scarves and sells them at dollar store prices!  That is all okay because it has been making me dig deeper and see what I can do to make my crafts one of a kind and pay more closely to detail.  Also looking for other venues to sell, such as at festivals and other local boutiques that sell handmade items by local crafters.  And last but not least, creating a social presence is of utmost importance.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy and your own website are critical along with your business card.  I am not the expert here, but sharing with you as I learn on my journey of selling.  What ideas do you have that you think make selling and marketing a success?  What draws your attention and what do you most appreciate from those you buy from?  I would love to hear what ideas and thoughts you have on standing out in the crowd and becoming the fairest of them all!