Here it is the end of July already and I’ve almost missed my opportunity to get in my monthly update!  I admit to getting sidetracked with a trip to Iowa to visit my two daughters and their husbands, along with all of my perfect grandchildren!  Not really, at least to me they are all perfect!   But I really must get back to the basics, in this case, sewing!!  You see, I have two great festivals coming up in which I will be privileged to set up a booth along with many other venders.  What a great way to meet many other talented artists and indie designers and get some great creative inspiration along the way!  Speaking of inspiration, sewing and making your ideas a reality with a bit of fashion fabric can be just plain fun until, you know, you sew two pieces together upside down, wrong side out or you accidentally catch the fabric underneath the layers and sew it in incorrectly!  GRRRR!  How frustrating to have to stop and rip it all back out, especially those times I thought I was nearly done.  That’s why I would have to list my trusty seam ripper as my best sewing buddy!  You see, it is never far from reach because I am constantly using it.  I can rip, rip, rip and quickly be back to sewing or I can use it as a finger to help guide several layers under the presser foot and don’t forget how handy it is when making those button holes.  That’s why everyone who endeavors to sew must, must, must have a seam ripper.  It ranks up there in the top ten list of must haves for every sewist!  As for me, I actually have several seam rippers, but I have a new favorite that I would like to introduce you to.  This seam ripper was a special gift from my daughter in love for Mother’s Day and I just love everything about it.  It’s pretty, it’s sharp, it feels good in my hand, it has two sizes, one ripper on each end, and to top it all off, it’s specially handcrafted!  A fellow artisan on Etsy handcrafts each and every one so no two are alike!  I love that!  Maybe this is just the tool you need or would be a great gift for someone special.   What is your favorite “tool of the trade” in your sewing arsenal?  I would love to hear what it is and why you like it?  What is your number one tool that you’d be lost without?  Until next time, Happy Sewing!