I want to take a moment and thank YOU my customers for your enthusiasm and encouragement you have expressed for the KALEIDOSCOPE .  Many of you have offered suggestions as to colors and even different fabric types that help to stretch creativity and imagination.  To give due credit, I first saw this idea in a small boutique and was fascinated with its potential.  I have since taken the concept and run with it as to finding a variety of fabrics and working with special thread to achieve a beautiful contrast edging.  With my daughter-in-law’s creative mind of experimenting and finding new and fun ways to wear the KALEIDOSCOPE,  along with coming up with a small flower clip that is safe to wear on the sheer chiffon fabric, we have expanded the idea of this fun fashion accessory.  Thus the name, KALEIDOSCOPE, so many colors to choose from and so many ways to wear it!

I am continuing the search for new and different fabrics and have already purchased several new designs and colors that I am waiting to be shipped.    Please continue to check back with Rufflely Delightful as I hope to soon have new listings available for sale online.  And yes, I finally found a black solid fabric that I am excited to try!

Thanks again!