What makes me excited to sew? Having a project in mind for someone special! Especially when that involves sewing for the children in my life. Right now I would have to say sewing for my grandchildren gets me really motivated to sew because I can hardly wait to see their faces light up when they get their something special made just for them from “Grammy.” If you’ve lost your drive to sew, just remember what it was that first got you excited to start sewing. For some of my friends, that would be sewing a quilt, for others a craft project, or as in my case, it would have to be garment sewing. But usually all it takes is a trip to the fabric store and I find myself running to my sewing room to get started sewing. You see, I love, love, love pretty fabric and can never have too much of a good thing. That’s all I need to sew what I love and love what I sew. Here’s a picture of my latest sewing project for my granddaughter’s birthday! Hope I lit a spark to encourage you today in your sewing adventures!