What do the two have in common you’re probably wondering?  Well really not much, except that we run on coffee around here to keep things rolling.  Today was special because we had the privilege of taking some photo shots at Morghan Rake Coffee Roasters at the Effort House in Effort, Pennsylvania.  This Second Empire Victorian Stagecoach Hotel was built in 1870 and is currently being renovated by its new owners who are working to eventually restore it to its former glory.  The Effort House is also the perfect showcase for Morghan’s coffee roasting business and that’s why it was the perfect spot to take some beautiful pictures.  Morghan loves to collect antiques which you will see in some of the photos we took of our latest KALEIDOSCOPES.  It was such fun to get some pictures in front of the gold antique cash register and beside the huge traffic light!  Not to mention all the coffees displayed so artfully!  It’s a fun place to stop by if you’re in the area and get your favorite coffee flavors and teas too!  Tell them Cynthia sent you and say hi for me will you?