Rufflely Delightful was born as a result of making and wearing rufflely scarves.  You know, the kind everyone loved and started making.  I love knitting and this was a fun and no brainer kind of project when you just want to relax but keep your hands busy.  After receiving several requests for these scarves, a dear friend suggested I should start selling them.  So the fun began, that was over two years ago now. I confess to being a girly-girl and love dressing up and adding all the fun accessories!  I’m continually thinking of new ideas to create and make and plan on adding these to my Rufflely Delightful line up in the future!  They may be Rufflely or just plain Delightful, but either way I hope you will be excited to check back and see what’s new!  What are some of your favorite accessories to wear, favorite colors and what would you be interested in seeing in my Rufflely Delightful boutique?  I’d love to hear from you and see what you are thinking.  Thank you in advance for sharing your comments with me and others reading this post!  Happy Accessorizing!